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The European Commission publishes its proposal to update the European Union's social model by presenting the European pillar of social rights


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Ever since July 2014, when the political views of Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) were made public for his tenure, it was highlighted that one priority about the future of the European Union was to renovate the social protection system, one of the most advanced in the world, by developing a European pillar of social rights updated to the most recent changes.

"As Commission President, I have been seeking to put social priorities at the heart of Europe's work, where they belong. With theEuropean Pillar of Social Rights and the first set of initiatives that accompany it, we are delivering on our promises and we are opening a new chapter. We want to write this chapter together: Member States,EU institutions, the social partners and civil society all have to take on their responsibility. I would like to see the Pillar endorsed at the highest political level before the end of this year."

-Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission)

The Commission has been working on this objective to create a pillar of social rights. In 2016 a draft was presented and submitted to public consultation to receive as many suggestions as possible. Once this period came to an end, the received ideas were put together and thanks to all the information received today's European Pillar of Social Rights was redacted.It has a double effect: on one hand it has effects from the moment it was published as a Recommendation, and on the other hand, as a proposal presented by the Parliament, the Council and the Commission, trying to achieve a bigger political impact and acquire more backing at the highest levels.

The proposal presents twenty principles and vital rights to improve both living and working conditions for citizens in the European Union. It has a tripartite structure, developing from each of the three categories the different rights or social protectionism actions.

The categories are the following:

1. Equal opportunities and access to the work market.

2. Equal work conditions.

3. Protection and social inclusion.

We have to take into account that the initiatives presented can not be exclusively implemented with the unilateral labour of the European Union Institutions, but with the different social actors from the Member States help, cooperating to achieve these objectives that will have a general major impact on the social model for all Member States.

One of the principles consecrated in article 14 is to promote the existence in all Member States of a minimum income guaranteeing a dignified life for citizens through their different life stages.

We are emphasizing this principle because our City Council has created a system of economic aids within the Social Emergency Plan, opening a call for a SOCIAL INCOME that will be open from May 29thto July 31st in 2017.

All information available about this SOCIAL INCOME measure can be checked on the following link:

Access the Social Income Information