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Ciclo VOS 2012: L´imbroglio nel lenzuolo, by Alfonso Arau


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Ciclo VOS 2012: L´imbroglio nel lenzuolo, by Alfonso Arau
Italy. 2011. 124 minutes
Director Alfonso Arau
Script Giovanna Cucinotta, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Chiari Clini, Romina Nardozi
Based on Francesco Costa´s novel
Producer Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Director of photography Vittorio Storaro
Editor Roberto Perpignani
Music Gabriel Chwojnik

Cast Mariana Maria Grazia Cucinotta Giocondo Miguel Ángel Silvestre Alma Geraldine Chaplin Beatriz Anne Parillaud University Professor Pep Munné Federico Primo Reggiani Teresa Angélica Aragón


In the beggining of the twentieth century the cinema arrived to Southern Italy. People there is forewarned about their dangers and is afraid of that kind of devil´s trick. They relate it with the sheets mazes, because white sheets were used as screening and they called it ¨a light trap¨ because of the shiny shaft that are used to show the images and to blind the women´s eyes.