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Ciclo VOS 2012: Three, by Tom Tykwer


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Ciclo VOS 2012: Three, by Tom Tykwer
Germany. 2011. 119 minutes / Original title Drei
Director and Script Tom Tykwer
Director of photography Frank Griebe
Editor Mathilde Bonnefoy
Music Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil, Gabriel Mounsey

Cast Hanna Sophie Rois Simon Sebastian Schipper Adam Devid Striesow Lotte Annedore Kleist Hildegard Angela Winkler Dr. Wissmer Hans-Uwe Bauer


Hanna and Simon are a couple since twenty years ago. The art technician and the cultural programmes hostess live in Berlin one beside the other and together having a relationship in a harmoniously battle. They have live a lot of things together, bad and good things, crisis and happiness. But they know that probably they won´t have more surprises. Or yes? Unexpectedly they fall in love with the same man, the delightful and mysterious stem cell researcher Adam Born. In that way, they are in silent about their affair with Adam to each other without knowing the big secret that they keep... until Hanna gets pregnant.